exclamation Effective July 1, 2024, Priority Waste is Orion Township's new provider for solid waste, recycling, and yard waste collection. Click here for recent updates and contact information.
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Property Taxes

Summer tax bills are mailed out on July 1st and are payable from July 1st through September 14th without interest.  (In 2024, the Summer due date will be September 16th due to the 14th being on a Saturday.)  One percent (1%) interest will be added to unpaid balances starting on September 15th and on the first of each month thereafter. (September 17th for 2024.)

Winter tax bills are mailed out on December 1st and are payable from December 1st through February 14th.  A three percent (3%) penalty will be added to any unpaid summer and winter taxes starting on February 15th.

Beginning March 1st all unpaid taxes are payable to the Oakland County Treasurer. Failure to receive tax bill does not waive interest or penalty.  Postmarks are not accepted.

Tax information can be found online by using the Tax Data Lookup tool.

Summer Taxes

Winter Taxes

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