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Garbage and Recycling Collection Updates

This page is dedicated to updating you on the latest news regarding garbage & recycling collection.

Priority Waste will begin servicing Orion Township as our new service provider effective July 1, 2024. 
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GFL UPDATE 6/5/24:
As of today, GFL is caught up and on schedule. Our Residential Route Supervisor said they anticipate being able to maintain us on our regular scheduled days going forward.
A couple of notes: If your garbage, recycling, or compost does not get picked up on your regularly scheduled day, feel free to leave it out if it runs behind schedule again. Also, please do not approach the drivers. Over the weekend, the drivers said they were getting approached 40 to 50 times per day by residents who were upset. The drivers are doing their jobs; every time they get stopped, it slows them down. We certainly understand the frustration and are doing everything in our power to ensure that our residents are serviced per the terms of our contract. We are taking legal steps to protect our residents and enforce our contract. We have been on this since we heard about it last Wednesday and will stay on it. More updates to come. Thank you all for your patience!

GFL UPDATE 6/2/24:
We found out Wednesday afternoon about Priority Waste’s alleged purchase of 70+ GFL residential waste contracts in Southeast Michigan (including potentially Orion’s). We had no specifics and were told it still needed to be confirmed further up the chain. While it is now being widely reported, we still don’t have official confirmation from GFL or Priority Waste that we can share with our residents.
Here’s what we do know:
1. We started hearing from residents last week about some missed pick-up areas (mostly yard waste).
2. When this has happened in the past, we would contact our Residential Route Supervisor, who is always responsive and generally resolves missed pick-ups within the same day.
3. This week, with the holiday, we expected all pick-ups to be delayed by one day. However, several areas in the community have been delayed by two days or more.
4. Our Residential Route Supervisor has been extremely responsive and proactive in communicating with us. However, we haven’t been able to catch up as we usually have in the past.
5. From other discussions with other community leaders and people in the industry, it sounds like employees had been hearing rumors about the potential sale, and many employees left to take other opportunities, leaving GFL short-staffed. (These are my words, not direct from GFL.)
6. Supervisor Barnett spoke with our Residential Route Supervisor tonight (Saturday) at 10 PM. He was extremely apologetic and said trucks were on the road tonight until 8 PM, and they would be back out again collecting tomorrow. Residents with regular Thursday pick-ups should have their trash and most recycling picked up now. He’s extremely hopeful they will be caught up in Orion and back to regular scheduled days by this coming Tuesday.
A few things regarding the potential sale of our contract:
1. Supervisor Barnett reached out to GFL management at the close of business Friday for an update and has still received nothing formal.
2. Supervisor Barnett met with our legal counsel to review our contract and understand how we can prepare for the potential change.
3. Good news: our contract includes some provisions that can protect Orion during this transition, and we intend to enforce them.
4. Supervisor Barnett reached out to Priority Waste CEO and had good dialogue with him on Friday and have planned another discussion with him early this coming week.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!