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Orion Township Receives $7 Million for Giddings/Silverbell/Brown Road Rehabilitation

Orion Township, MI (December 28, 2022) – Orion Township has received $7 million in Fiscal Year 2023 U.S. House Appropriations Committee Community Project Funding to go towards the Giddings/Silverbell/Brown Road rehabilitation project.

In April 2022, Orion Township submitted a $7 million funding request to Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin’s Office as part of the FY 2023 Community Project Funding program. Of the over 90 applications submitted, the Giddings/Silverbell/Brown Road project was one of 15 selected by Congresswoman Slotkin to be recommended to the House Appropriations Committee for final funding consideration. The U.S. House Appropriations Committee funded the full $7 million request in the Fiscal Year 2023 Federal budget.

“We have been partnering with the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) and the City of Auburn Hills for several years now seeking the necessary funding to fix the roads along this significant corridor,” said Supervisor Chris Barnett. “With the $7 million awarded through the Community Project Funding program, we now have over $12 million in funding dedicated for this project, which RCOC has slated for construction in 2024.”

The Giddings/Siverlbell/Brown Road project is the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the 2.6 miles of the Giddings/Silverbell/Brown Road corridor surrounding the GM Orion Assembly Plant. The roads along this corridor are well past their service life and will be completely removed and replaced with pavement and sub-base, along with most drainage sewer structures (curb, gutter, drains, catch basins). The five-lane road will be designed to withstand the weight of 3,000 commercial trucks and over 18,000 vehicles per day. In addition, signals and pedestrian crosswalks will be updated and 18,275 feet of new safety path will be constructed.

In addition to the Orion Assembly Plant, this corridor supports other large employers in the area, including FedEx, Eagle Valley Landfill, Gardner White Furniture, JR Automation (Esys), Natrabis, Powers Distributing, Roush Industries, and Asea Brown Boveri Ltd (ABB). This project will improve road surface conditions, re-establish connectivity, deliver reliability, and promote regional economic growth.

“Our office received over 90 applications for Community Project Funding, and it is a testament to Supervisor Barnett and his team’s work that their project was selected.” Said Congresswoman Slotkin. “The community and our District will directly benefit from their efforts.”

“We truly appreciate Congresswoman Slotkin’s support for this project.” Said Supervisor Barnett. “She has been a true champion for Orion Township as our Congressional Representative in D.C., and I have valued our growing partnership over the past two years. I look forward to seeing her continued success as the Representative for Michigan’s 8th district and the communities she serves.” 

About the Community Project Funding Program
To meet the urgent needs of communities across the United States, the House Appropriations Committee invited Members of Congress to request funding for projects in their communities. Members of Congress were invited to submit proposals for federal funding for 15 specific projects in their congressional districts. The complete list of Congresswoman’s Slotkin’s Community Project Funding proposals submitted to the Appropriations Committee for fiscal year 2023 may be found on her official website.