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Township Treasurer

Welcome to the Treasurer’s page! You will find information about property taxes, payment options, millage rates, dog licenses, park passes, and more!

Use the Tax Data Lookup tool to look up tax information.

Summer tax bills are sent out on July 1st and are payable July 1st through September 14th without interest. Beginning September 15th, add 1% interest to the unpaid balance. An additional 1% per month will be added on the first of each month thereafter. Winter tax bills are sent out on December 1st and  are payable December 1st through February 14th. Beginning February 15th,  2022 a 3% penalty will be added to any unpaid summer or winter tax balance.  Beginning March 1st all unpaid taxes are payable to the Oakland County Treasurer. Failure to receive tax bill does not waive interest or penalty.  Postmarks are not accepted.

Millage rates
What are the 2021 Property Tax Millage Rates?  View the 2021 Property Tax Millage Chart  to see the breakdown of your 2021 Property Taxes, and see which are collected when.

Where does your property tax go?  View the 2021 Property Tax Pie Chart  showing the distribution of your total 2021 yearly homestead millage rate of 35.0416.

Payment OPtions
  • Mailed with return coupon to:  2323 Joslyn Road, Lake Orion, MI 48360.  Please note: Payments sent to the Water/Sewer P.O. Box will be posted to your Water/Sewer Account and not the Tax account which could result in penalties.
  • Paid through your personal online banking site:  Please set up a separate payee for tax payments payable to:  Charter Township of Orion, 2323 Joslyn Road, Lake Orion, MI 48360.  Use your parcel ID number for the account number.  Please allow two weeks for delivery of the bank check to our office.  Do not use the Water/Sewer payee account number or P.O. Box payment address for your tax payment.
  • Payable at local Bank Branches of Oxford Bank or Genisys Credit Union.
  • In person at the Township Treasurer's office located at  2323 Joslyn Road (cash, check or credit/debit card) A 2.8% service charge fee applies to credit/debit card charges only.)
  • Drop Box:  A drive up box is located across from the main entrance by the flag poles at 2323 Joslyn Road.
  • Online with a credit card:  The website is There is a service charge fee of 2.8% for credit/debit card payments and a $0.85 fee for e-checks.
  • By phone with a credit card (2.8% service charge fee applies):  The number is (855) 649-2637.  This is a 24/7 automated system where you will be prompted to enter all applicable information including property ID number.
Please read the back of your tax bill for important information!

Taxes may be deferred if your 2020 total household income was less than $40,000 and you meet one of the following requirements:

  • Senior Citizen, age 62
  • Paraplegic, Quadriplegic
  • Eligible Service person, Veteran, Widow or Widower
  • Blind Person
  • Totally & Permanently Disabled

Applications for deferment are available at the Treasurer’s office or follow the link to print the formThe application must be returned by September 15th. You must apply for deferment every year.

Deferments do not reduce your tax bill, they only waive the interest and penalties until March 1st. You must meet one of the requirements listed above to be eligible, and you must show proof of income.

Tax Exemptions are available for applicants meeting specific income standards.  These income guidelines and other established guidelines are stated in the application.  This exemption is for the current tax year only.  You may print out the Hardship Exemption Application, or hard copies are available in the Treasurer's office.  Completed applications must be turned in to the Township Assessing Clerk who will forward them to Oakland County Equalization/Assessing.  They will be brought before the Board of Review for consideration at the March, July or December Board of Reviews.

For more information regarding poverty exemptions or how to complete the forms, please contact Oakland County Equalization at (248) 858-0776.  Their business hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.