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Dog License Information

Dog licenses are available from December 1st through June 1st at the Township Hall. You must show a valid rabies vaccination certificate at time of purchase. After June 1st, licenses are delinquent and must be purchased at Oakland County Animal Control, 1200 N. Telegraph Rd., Bldg. 42 East, Pontiac, MI. Contact them for prices at (248) 452-9890. NOTE: Credit/Debit cards are accepted for licenses with a 3% convenience fee.

  1 Year 3 Years  dogs
Spayed/Neutered $10.50    $28.50
Senior Rate (65 Years)    $9.75 $26.50
Male/Female $18.00 $51.00
Senior Rate (65 Years) $16.50 $46.50

On June 2nd, Oakland County Animal Control Census Team workers will begin going door to door in various communities in an attempt to bring the public into compliance with the State Law. Residents found to be housing dogs that are not licensed will be issued courtesy citations by the census team workers and given a period of time to comply with the law. Afterwards, Oakland County Animal Control Officers with Special Deputy status will be dispatched to issue citations that will require a court appearance.