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Irrigation Accounts

Picture of a Lawn Irrigation SprinklerAt the beginning of each summer, our office must be contacted when a subdivision sprinkler location or commercial sprinkler location is ready to be turned on.  

Beginning in 2020 a new program was implemented regarding subdivision irrigation meters. Irrigation meters will now be installed in the spring and removed in the fall and stored in our DPW garage during the winter months.

Please call our department in the spring when the system is ready so we may turn on the water and install the meter.

In the fall,  when the location is ready to be turned off, our department must be called again to turn the water off at the street and remove the meter.   

Do I Need A Separate Meter for Irrigation at My Home?  No!  In Orion Township, a separate irrigation meter for a residential property is not needed.  Communities that offer separate meters for irrigation calculate their sewer bill on water usage, so they meter outside water usage separately and only calculate the sewer bill on water used inside of the home.  In Orion, our sewer bill is not based on water usage for residential properties; it is a flat rate.  Your water bill is based on your water usage, whether it is used inside or outside of the home, and your sewer bill is the same amount every month.