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Billing Information

Rates - Effective July 1, 2023

  • Water: $7.98 minimum monthly billing, which includes 2 units of water.
    • Additional usage is billed at $3.99 per unit.
  • Residential Sewer:  $36.48 per month
  • Commercial Sewer:  $36.48 per month for the first 10 units of water billed, then $3.43 per unit of water billed.  In addition to sewer charges a monthly IWC Charge is based on meter size. (Charges may be found under Ordinance 68).

On August 1, 2019 the Township transitioned to monthly billing.  

If your water meter cannot be read and you receive a door hanger, please contact the Township office at (248) 391-0304, ext. 8500 within two business days to schedule an appointment.  Otherwise, you will receive an estimated bill.

ACH (Auto Payment) is now available!  If you are interested in monthly Auto Pay through your Checking or Savings Account, please print out the ACH form return the completed form to Township Hall or mail to:

Charter Township
Water & Sewer Division
Attn:  Elizabeth Guzanek
2323 Joslyn Road
Lake Orion, MI  48360

The ACH enrollment form is due by the 15th of the month prior to your bill due date.

Paperless Billing:
If you would like to receive your monthly bill via email please email the completed form to the water & sewer division.

How do I pay my bill?
There are several ways to pay your water/sewer bill.  You may pay:

  • In person at Township Hall Treasurer’s Department with cash, check or credit card,
  • Using one of the two drop boxes located in front of Township Hall,
  • ACH (Auto Payment),
  • Online through (Credit Card or e-Check), and
  • Pay-by-Phone 1-888-891-6064.

Please Note:

  • A convenience fee will be charged for all Credit Card payments at Township Hall, online, and Pay-by-Phone payments.
  • To avoid a delay and a penalty with your online payment, please ensure that your full account number, including all dashes and zeroes, are included with your form of payment.
  • There will be a $35 Service Fee imposed on all forms of returned payments.

Moving In or Out of Orion/Final Bill Information:

As with other utility companies, you must contact us when moving out of your home. Our office generates final bills once a week, no exceptions.  Please have the following information available upon contacting us:

  • Name
  • Property Address
  • Date of Closing
  • New Owner's Name
  • Name and address of Title Company, or whoever is holding the escrow as to where the final bill should be sent.

If you have moved into a new residence in Orion Township, please contact our office to confirm that we have received all the necessary information.   In Orion Township, water and sewer bills stay with the property, per Ordinance 68.  If a final bill does not get paid, as the new owner of the property you are responsible for any outstanding water/sewer bills and debt balances if they apply.

With a new commercial property, whether it is moving into an existing commercial space or new, our office must be contacted to check for any water or sewer fees associated with a new business.