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2021 Master Plan Update

People choose Orion Township for many reasons, including the Township’s ideal location in southeast Michigan and northern Oakland County, beautiful neighborhoods, access to parks and trails, lakes and natural resources, great schools, and access to quality goods and services - and much more.  It’s Where Living is a Vacation.  What else brings people to Orion Township? What can Orion Township do to preserve and enhance features that make the community livable and productive, while managing and guiding development and redevelopment that meets the diverse needs of current and future residents and businesses?  Orion Township will be asking these questions and more as it prepares a new Orion Township Master Plan.

We are really looking forward to listening to ideas, comments, observations, and other thoughts from the community. We encourage everyone to participate in as many ways as possible so your voice is heard regarding the future of land use and development in the Township.

What is a Master Plan?
A Master Plan is a big-picture, long-range document that guides policy and decision-making about how land in the Township is used for housing, transportation, commerce, and recreation.  Throughout 2021, the Township’s Planning and Zoning Department, Planning Commission, and planning consultants, Giffels Webster, will work together to understand current demographics, economics, and how our land is currently used, and then explore trends and projections on how Orion Township’s population and marketplace may change over the next 10-20 years. With public input and the guidance of Orion Township leaders and staff, the Township will revisit the goals and objectives of previous planning documents to see if they are still in alignment with the collective vision for the future and identify appropriate land use strategies that support current and future residents and businesses. Most importantly, the 2021 Plan will include implementation strategies that the Township can use to achieve the vision of the plan.

Ways to Get Involved
To encourage community input on what should be preserved and enhanced, as well as how the Township can continue to improve, Orion Township is using a variety of methods aimed at people of all ages.
  • PictureThis!TM - an online forum developed by our consultants at Giffels Webster that allows residents and business owners to share their thoughts and ideas - in pictures. It is recommended that as people are out and about in the Township, to look for places that strike you as particularly worth preserving, needing some attention, or something Orion Township needs more of. Images can be submitted from any internet browser using your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Resident Survey - Orion Township residents, neighboring residents who have an interest in the future of the Township, those who are employed, shop, obtain services, or own businesses or property in Orion Township are encouraged to complete the survey.  Your input is extremely valuable.
Upcoming Opportunities:
  • Student Art Contest - for local student artists aged 5 to 18 to share their perception and vision of the future of the Township.   We'd like children and teenagers in the community to think about “what makes Orion Township a great place?".  We’re excited for young people in the Township to draw, sketch or paint a picture, or take a photograph of their favorite great places in Orion Township.  Another option is to create an illustration of the future of the Township, something new or improved that reflects your vision of the future. 
  • Master Plan Open House - hosted by the Planning Commission, the public open house is tentatively scheduled for April 2021.  If COVID-19 restrictions related to public gatherings are still in place, the open house will be conducted online in a virtual setting.  This will be an excellent opportunity for interested residents, business owners, and other community members to share ideas before the Master Plan draft is prepared.

For more information on the 2021 Master Plan Update you can email Planning and Zoning Director Tammy Girling or call 248-391-0304, ext. 5000.