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Current Developments

GM Expansion

Wally Edgar Chevrolet

Located at 3805 S. Lapeer Rd., this project consists of an expansion of the parking lot for vehicle inventory, an approximately 3,800 square foot addition to the existing dealership, as well the construction of an approximately 2,500 square foot new building.  The expansion and new construction will be for oil changes and tire rotation, storage, and a car wash for the dealership vehicles.

C and A Office

A 9,870-sq. ft. single story office building located at 512 E. Silverbell Road - on the southwest corner of Silverbell Road and Bald Mountain Road.

C and A Office

Culver's Restaurant

Located within the Grand Square Hotel site on Brown Road east of Menards - a Culver's Restaurant with a drive-through.

brown road hyatt house

This development is on the north side of Brown Road, east of Baldwin Road, and west of Huston. The plan is for a 21,619-sq. ft., 4-story hotel building.

Hyatt House 3KPMF USA Expansion

The site is located on the northeast corner of the intersection of M-24 and Kay Industrial Drive. The project is an 84,295-sq. ft. building addition to the existing KPMF Building.

This is an unmanned electric substation that will be located on the east side of Bald Mountain Road, approximately 900-ft. north of Premier Drive.

Natrabis (Society C)

A 12,304-sq. ft. building on Delta Court, west of Giddings Road and the ITC corridor.   The building is proposed to be used for retail.

MPD Welding building addition
This project is located at 4200 S. Lapeer Road, between Brown Road and Silverbell Road.  It consists of a 7,200-sq. ft. manufacturing shop addition to an existing industrial building.

Dutton Park
The project consists of 2 developments - the first development consists of a 4,400-sq. ft., 1-story retail/office building located on the vacant parcel in the northwest corner of Dutton and Bald Mountain Roads.  The second is a 2-story retail/office building located on the vacant parcel on the north side of Dutton Road, east of Interpark Drive.  

New Dutton Park


Located at the former Kmart location on Lapeer Rd., the approved plan involves the demolition of the old Kmart store and new construction of an approximately 90,000-sq. ft. Meijer grocery store with a drive-up pharmacy.  The other stores in the plaza will remain and the Meijer will be built as a stand-alone building.  The size of the Meijer is considerably smaller than a typical Meijer Supercenter and will concentrate on food offerings.

Meijer, ORI

Grand Square of Orion

This new development is located on eight existing lots on Brown Road between Baldwin and Joslyn Roads.  It will be constructed in two phases with two restaurants within the first phase as well as three 4-story hotels in phase two.

Grand Square

Orion Self Storage Addition

Located at 1007 Brown Road, on the north side east of Joslyn Road.  The project consists of a 29,500 sq. ft. building with additional paved parking and building access.


Located on the south side of Clarkston Road, between M-24 and Bald Mountain Road.  The project is a 44 unit, 10 building townhome condominium development with a clubhouse and outdoor pool.
Ponds of Orion Screenshot

Lake Orion Schools

Stadium Elementary Schoollocated at 244 Stadium Drive. The project is the construction of a bus and parent drop-off loop, and staff and visitor parking. 

Webber Elementary School
 – the demolition and removal of approx. 16,000-sq. ft. of the existing building on the east side. An approx. 26,000-sq. ft. building addition to replace the demolished portion on the southeast side. New parking and drop off area to be added in the location of the removed building. Also, the addition of an upgraded approach, water main extension and sanitary sewer extension. The existing playground will be removed during construction. A new, roughly 16,500-sq. ft. playground area is proposed adjacent to the building addition.
Image of Webber Elementary School Construction Rendering

Baldwin Summit #2
Located in front of Orion Village Crossing Residential (Baldwin & Maybee Roads).  This project is a single-story 19,074 Sq. Ft. retail and restaurant building

Breckenridge TownHomes
Located off of Brown Rd., east of Baldwin Rd, this is a multi-family residential development with 112 for-sale units in 20 buildings.

Image of Breckenridge Townhome Rendering

Gregory Meadows
A 103 single-family home development located along the south side of Gregory Road.

Image of Maple Valley Home Design in Gregory Meadows

The Cottages at Gregory Meadows
A 72-unit, single-family detached condominium development located on Gregory Road west of Baldwin Road.

Image of Renderings of Cottages at Gregory Meadows

Waldon Meadows
Located along Walden Road, West of M-24. The site has been approved for 22 single-family homes.

Picture of Dover Home Design at Waldon Meadows

silver spruce plaza
The project is located at the northeast corner of Silverbell and Lapeer Roads. It is the demolition and reconstruction of a gas station and convenience store with a drive-thru as well as a separate retail building.

Images of Silver Spruce Plaza Renderings

Located on the north side of Stadium Drive just west of Lake Orion High School and consists of 53 detached single-family homes.

This development fronts on Stadium Drive and is located at the northeast corner of Stadium Drive and Lapeer Road.  The project consists of 2 retail buildings, one containing a drive-thru.

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