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Current Developments

Lake Orion Schools

New Early Childhood Center – a new construction of approx. 50,000-sq. ft. located at the corner of Joslyn and Clarkston Roads. The projects includes a 24-foot wide driveway, new approach on Clarkston Road, parking lot, drop-off lane, and play area.

Webber Elementary School – the demolition and removal of approx. 16,000-sq. ft. of the existing building on the east side. An approx. 26,000-sq. ft. building addition to replace the demolished portion on the southeast side. New parking and drop off area to be added in the location of the removed building. Also, the addition of an upgraded approach, water main extension and sanitary sewer extension. The existing playground will be removed during construction. A new, roughly 16,500-sq. ft. playground area is proposed adjacent to the building addition.

Carpenter Elementary School – the site work includes a new approach and drop-off drive for busses north of 3550 Joslyn Rd., a re-aligned drive aisle and approach from Flintridge, and storm network improvements.

Orion Oaks – a two-phase development at the existing school. Phase 1 consists of a new approach off Joslyn on the north side of the site that extends to a new drop-off location and a larger parking lot. The parking lot south of the building will also be enlarged to provide more parking. Other site improvements consist of water main and storm sewer extension. Phase 2 consists of the New Early Childhood Center, additional drives, parking lot and utilities.

An industrial building located along the north side of Liberty Drive South, just west of Giddings.

Baldwin Summit #2
Located in front of Orion Village Crossing Residential (Baldwin & Maybee Roads)
Single story 19,074 Sq. Ft. Retail and Restaurant Building

Breckenridge TownHomes
Off of Brown Rd., east of Baldwin Rd.

A multi-family residential development with 112 units in 20 buildings.

Gregory Meadows
A 103 single family home development located along the south side of Gregory Road.

Lapeer Road Industrial
Located on the West side of Lapeer and South of Silverbell. A 46,200 sq. ft. light industrial building with an office and shop area.

Laurels of Lake Orion Assisted Living
Located near the southeast intersection of Baldwin and Clarkston Roads. The site has been approved for 60 assisted living and memory care apartment units. This housing community is single story.

Waldon Meadows
Located along Walden Road, West of M-24 and East of Giddings Road. The site has been approved for 22 single family homes.

Grace Assisted Living
Located on the West side of M-24 at Manitou Lane immediately North of the Orion/Oxford Township line. A 63 bed assisted living and memory car facility – 47 units on the Lake Orion side.

Ajax Paving Building Addition
Located on Bald Mountain Rd. The project was approved for an 8,400 sq. ft. two-story addition to the existing building for an inventory storeroom, a maintenance facility and space to store parts and materials.

The construction of a new car wash on the north side of Brown Road, west of Joslyn Road.

silver spruce plaza
The project is located at the northeast corner of Silverbell and Lapeer Roads. It is the demolition and reconstruction of a gas station and convenience store with a drive-thru as well as a separate retail building.
Images of Silver Spruce Plaza Renderings

Peninsula Agriculture
An industrial building located on the north side of Silverbell Road, west of Lapeer Road.
      Peninsula Screen Shot for website