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Smoke Alarm Program

oct 7In July 2020, the Orion Township Fire Department joined the MI Prevention statewide fire safety campaign to reduce the number of fire related injuries, deaths and property loss in Michigan.

In an effort to assist Orion Township residents with preventing fires in their homes, the fire department is actively installing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors while simultaneously educating residents on the best fire safety practices. The Orion Township Fire Department aims to educate residents, increase awareness and help to prevent life and property loss.

The smoke alarm installation program is FREE for all Orion Township residents!

The Orion Township Fire Department's Prevention Division, will conduct a free of charge home safety inspection. They will then install up to six smoke alarms throughout the residence. Home owners will be educated about home fire safety, smoke alarm functions and smoke alarm maintenance.

To request a smoke alarm installation, please fill out the form below. Once this form is received by Fire Admin, a member of the Fire Prevention team will contact you to schedule an install day and time.