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Roper Lock Box Program

The Roper Lock Box program provides emergency response personnel prompt accessibility into a resident’s homes in emergency situations without the use of force.

This low cost, simple solution provides the resident with an easily accessible lock box that contains a key to their home that can only be accessed by emergency personnel who have a secured and unique key to the box. The lock box is designed to hang over a door and does not require the use of any hardware. This program is available to all

Roper Lock Box

 Orion Township residents at the cost of $30, payable by check to the Orion Township Fire Department.

The use of a lock box aims to provide residents with the peace of mind knowing that emergency personnel can easily enter their homes in emergency situations.  The lock box program is especially beneficial for older home bound residents or those with disabilities.

If you are interested in having a Roper Lock Box installed at your home, please fill out and submit the form below. Upon receipt of the completed application, a member of the fire department will contact you to schedule the day and time of install.