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Fire Prevention Division

The fire department holds a firm belief that the best way to fight a fire is to prevent it from ever happening. Through a commitment to excellence and community risk reduction, the Fire Department supports a strong fire prevention program to ensure the safety of the public. The Fire Prevention Division operates under the Fire Marshal, who is supported by two Fire Inspectors. The Fire Prevention team is responsible for the following duties and activities:

  • Fire Investigations - The Fire Prevention Division conducts fire investigations to determine the origin and cause of a fire. Whether a fire is accidental in nature or intentionally set, the prevention division determines the actions needed to prevent future occurrences. While conducting these investigations the prevention division assists and educates affected home owners so that they have an understanding of the investigation and insurance claim process. If at any time a fire is deemed an incendiary fire the prevention division works in partnership with the Oakland County Fire Investigation Unit to find the cause and determination of any criminal act or intentionally set fire.
  • Fire Inspections – The Fire Prevention Division division conducts fire inspections within Orion Township in a multitude of different ways.  These include annual inspections of all commercial properties, new permitted/construction projects and or from customer/citizen complaints.
  • Fire Suppression, Fire Alarm and Site Plan Reviews - The Fire Prevention Division conducts a multitude of different plan reviews to determine compliance within all applicable adopted code, ordinance and standards.  Any licensed contractors seeking a review of a plan set can contact the prevention offices for further information.   
  • Fire emergency preparedness and training - The Fire Prevention Division offers a multitude of different types of training to both the members of the fire department, the citizens of Orion Township, and business owners. The trainings offered to the fire department staff gives them the ability to get inside the businesses and see firsthand what they are responding to during an emergency event. The prevention team also provides business owners with the ability to get trained on fire systems located in their buildings and also train their staff on fire extinguisher, fire drill operations and other life safety measures used in the work place.

Fire prevention Programs offered
Smoke Alarm Program
Roper Lock Box Program

Knox Box Program

Residential smoke alarm installation program! (1) Roper Lock Box