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Burning Rules/Ordinance

Burn Permits are no longer required.  However, you must follow the rules outlined in Ordinance 157.  You may also review the Burning Ordinance FAQ for additional information.

Photo of burning safety pictograph
Do not start a campfire or burn yard debris if there are high winds, drought or high temperatures.

Please remember:

  • You must call the burn hotline before burning (248) 693-1838 to ensure there is no ban in effect
  • You may only burn natural wood material including; dry, seasoned tree trunks, branches and limbs.  A small amount of paper product is also allowable (cardboard, wood kindling, commercial fire starters) to aid in the ignition of the flame.  Using accelerants such as gasoline, kerosene or any combustible liquid is prohibited. 
  • Recreational fires (3 feet or less in diameter) must be 25 feet from any structure, combustible materials and lot lines
  • Bonfires must be 50 feet from any structure, combustible materials and lot lines
  • Fires in Portable Outdoor Fireplaces must be 15 feet from any structure, combustible material and lot lines
  • Winds must be below 10mph
  • You must have means of extinguishment nearby (fire extinguisher, hose, or a shovel with dirt/sand).

If you are not compliant with the Township Ordinance 157, the Fire Department has the authority to issue a township or municipal civil infraction ticket at his/her discretion.  Tickets may range from $65.00 to $500.00