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Marihuana Facilities Licensing Application

Pursuant to Orion Township Ordinance No. 154 Licensed Marihuana Facilities Ordinance,  the following marihuana activities and/or facilities are authorized and regulated for operation within the Township: Grower, Processor, Safety Compliance Facility, and Secured Transporters.  The Township prohibits all retail (dispensaries) marihuana establishments from operating within the boundaries of the Township.  Therefore, Recreational/Adult Use Marihuana Retailer Licensees may not sell or conduct a retail business within the Township.  Additionally, the Township has opted-out of the following state licenses: Marihuana Event Organizer License, Temporary Marihuana Event, and Designated Consumption Establishment.

For current and interested Grower, Processor, Safety Compliance Facility, and/or Secured Transporter applicants, applications, background check forms, and other resources regarding the Orion Township Licensed Marihuana Ordinance can be found on this page.

Licensed Marihuana Facilities Ordinance
Ordinance 154 Licensed Marihuana Facilities Application Policy