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Avoid Inspection Re-fees

A Re-fee of $60.00 will be charged if the inspection meets any of the following criteria:

  • Job not ready for inspection (10 or more violations)
  • Site cannot be accessed safely
  • No address posted on site
  • If the house or building is locked and inspection cannot be performed
  • Items not corrected from previous inspections

A street address must be posted on the job site so as to be easily identifiable from the street. Failure to have the address clearly visible can result an automatic re-inspection fee of $60.00 if the township inspector cannot find the job site.

No Entry:  If an inspector visits a property and is unable to inspect any items listed on the official notice, the inspections classified as a no entry. No entry situations usually occur after the owner or manager declines to make an appointment for re-inspection.

Safety is a major priority of our Building Department.  An inspector needs to have safe access to projects.

How to Avoid Re-fees

  • Contact the inspector prior to the inspection to setup a time
  • Have the project ready to be inspected clean and professional
  • Make sure the site is clearly posted and safely accessible for the inspector
  • Add notes for the inspector in the comment sections.  These can include lock box numbers, contact information, additional instructions, etc.
  • Make sure an adult is onsite for the inspection.  It is unlawful for an inspector to enter a premises without an adult onsite.