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Accessing Township Services During COVID-19

While Township Hall and the Orion Center are closed to the public and we are not able to interact with you in person, Township staff is still available to serve the community during this time.  Residents are able to connect with us remotely, and interact with us online, via email, or by phone, where we will be waiting to assist you.

Please note: All payments may continue to be made by mail, online, or using the secured drop-boxes in front of Township Hall.  Proof of receipt for any payments made can be emailed or mailed to you within one business day– please provide your email address and receipt request with your payment.

Provided below are many of the common services residents would come to Township Hall to complete, with instructions on how to complete those actions remotely, including contact information and clickable links to online payment portals and department web pages for more information.  Located below Township Services are Oakland Count Services, including the Oakland County Sheriff's Office. 

If you do not see what you need below, please do not hesitate to call us at 248-391-0304.



  • Construction under Stay Home, Stay Safe Executive Order:
    • Some limited forms of construction are permissible, including construction to maintain and improve essential public works like roads, bridges, the telecommunications infrastructure, and public health infrastructure. Construction workers may also undertake such projects as necessary to maintain and improve the safety, sanitation, and essential operations of residences. In addition, businesses may designate construction firms to provide necessary support to the work of the businesses' critical infrastructure workers. All construction work that is carried out while the order is in effect must be done in accordance with the mitigation measures required under section 5(c) of the order.
  • Inspections will not be done for three weeks, beginning March 24, 2020.  Time sensitive and essential inquires shall be made to Township Building Official David Goodloe by email: dgoodloe@oriontownship.org or calling: 248-391-0304 ext. 6001.
  • Submit an online permit application.
  • Submit Building Department payments online, including for permits, enforcement, certificate, or PZE.

Dog License:

  • Obtain your dog license(s) online.


o   Orion Township Supervisor’s Office
2525 Joslyn Road
Lake Orion, MI 48360

  • Questions may be directed to 248-391-0304 ext. 1000.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests:

  • Submit your completed Request form and submit to foia@oriontownship.org.

Garbage and Recycling Services:

  • If you have any questions about your service, please contact GFL Customer Service by submitting a request online or calling 844-464-3587
  • To pay your bill online, log in to your account on GFL's website.
  • To sign up for the senior or veteran discount, submit a completed Discount form and a copy of your driver’s license or veteran documentation (which will be destroyed once proof of age/veteran status is confirmed) by either dropping them in one of the twp drop boxes in front of Township Hall (which are secured and checked twice a day), or mailing to:

o     Orion Township Supervisor’s Office
2525 Joslyn Road
Lake Orion, MI 48360

  • Questions may be directed to 248-391-0304 ext. 1002.

Open Burning:

  • Open burning is permitted in the Township and does not require a burn permit please. Please review the Open Burning Ordinance and Frequently Asked Questions before conducting any open burning.
  • Questions may be directed to 248-391-0304 ext. 2000.
  • For life threatening emergencies, please call 911.

Orion Township Public Meetings:

  • Watch meetings of the Township Board, Planning Commission, and Zoning Board of Appeals online.
  • View Agendas, Synopses, & Minutes online.

Parks and Recreation:

  •  All Parks and Recreation programs, events, and meetings scheduled from March 13 through April 5 have been canceled.  The Parks and Recreation department will be reaching out to all impacted residents.

o   Credits or refunds will be issued for canceled programs/classes/events.

  • Register for future Parks and Recreation programs online.
  • For future facility rentals and related information, you may call 248-391-0304 ext. 3502.
  • Questions may be directed to 248-391-0304 ext. 3500.

Planning and Zoning:

  • Questions on submitting plans, setbacks and variances, and ZBA applications, please email tgirling@oriontownship.org or call 248-391-0304 ext. 5000.

Property Taxes:

  • All 2019 Winter tax payments not made before March 3 are considered delinquent and need to be paid at the County Treasurer’s office located at 1200 N. Telegraph Rd., Pontiac. A revised payment statement needs to be included with your payment.  Please call us at 248-391-0304 ext. 8000, and we can email or mail it to you.
  • If you need information regarding 2019 Tax payments, or if you need a paid receipt sent to you, please call us at 248-391-0304 ext. 8000, and we can email or mail it to you.
  • Questions may be directed to 248-391-0304 ext. 8000 or emailed to dsteele@oriontownship.org.

Property Transfer Affidavit, Homestead Exemption, and Address and Name Changes:

o   Charter Township of Orion
Building Department
2525 Joslyn Road
Lake Orion, MI 48360

Once reviewed and filed by the Building Department, it will be mailed back to you.

  • Questions may be directed to 248-391-0304 ext. 6004.

Water and Sewer:

  • Special Note for Water/Sewer BillsPlease do not call our office if your monthly bill shows a PB (Previous Balance).  Payments received after the bill due date may not be reflected on your bill.  We are not applying penalties to accounts at this time.
  • Water payments may be paid online with credit card or e-check (with a fee), online through your personal banking website, dropped in one of our two drop boxes by the front doors of Township Hall (which are secured and checked twice a day) or mailed to:

o   Charter Township of Orion
Water & Sewer Division
2525 Joslyn Road
Lake Orion, MI 48360

  • You may also sign up for auto-pay by completing our Auto Pay Enrollment Form and mailing it to Township Hall or leaving it in one of the the drop boxes in front of Township Hall.
  • For final water/sewer bills, please email request to mcarroll@oriontownship.org 
  • If you will be picking up any water/sewer permits please contact us at 248-391-0304 ext. 8505. before coming to Township Hall.  We will notify you when your permit will be processed and available for pick up.
  • Please DO NOT flush anything except toilet paper.  Any other items could plug up your sanitary sewer line and cause a sewage back up into your home.
  • DPW Technicians will only be entering occupied homes for water or sewer emergencies.  If you are experiencing a sewer back up, issues with your water meter or any other concerns please contact our department at 248-391-0304 ext. 8505 during regular business hours. 
  • For after hour emergencies, please call 248-858-4911 as this will dispatch our on-call crew.
  • Questions may be directed to 248-391-0304 ext. 8505.


List of County services available online
Sheriff's Office: List of services suspended and available online

  • If you are at the Orion Township Hall Sheriff's Substation during normal business hours (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday), and are in need of non-emergency services, please call 248-393-0090, and you will be provided with an appropriate response, information and/or met in-person at the Call-Box.
  • Pistol Sales Records should be mailed to: Oakland County Sheriff's Office, 1201 N. Telegraph Road, Pontiac, MI 48341 - Attn. Records Unit
  • PBT Tests, Fingerprinting, and the Prescription Drug Drop Box drop-off has been temporarily suspended.
  • Copies of Crash Reports, FOIA requests, and other Police reports can be requested online through the Sheriff Office at www.oakgov.com/sheriff

Park Passes:

  • Annual Oakland County Park passes may be purchased online.  If purchased online, place paid receipt in window until you receive the pass in the mail.
  • Daily Oakland County passes at Orion Oaks are available for purchase at the park kiosk for $5.00 per day.